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10 Jump-Start Morning Habits Used By Geniuses

body hack episode list
body hack episode list

These 10 simple morning habits will jumpstart your brain for greater levels of success, focus, and productivity throughout your day. Learn brain hacks like this and so much more with Jim Kwik’s free Masterclass:

First, you make your habits. Then, your habits make you.

In this video, expert brain coach, Jim Kwik, teaches you fool-proof ways to design your morning habits and start every day with excellence. From how to create strong neural connections and get more oxygen to your brain, to how to boost your brain power with gratitude and journaling, to how to move and eat for a super productive day, and so much more.

For a quick look at each of the 10 morning habits mentioned in this video, check out these important timestamps below:

00:22 1. Remember your dreams
00:49 2. Make your bed
01:17 3. Drink Lots of water
01:33 4. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand
01:54 5. Deep breathing exercises
02:22 6. Brain tea
02:36 7. Journaling
04:01 8. Workout
04:25 9. Brain power smoothie
04:49 10. Daily reading

Interested in learning more brain hacks? Check out Jim’s videos on how to learn anything in half the time (, how to read a book a week (, and how to speak on stage without relying on notes (


Once labeled “the boy with the broken brain,” Jim Kwik is now the world’s leading expert in memory improvement and brain performance. He is a powerful Brain Coach for Hollywood superstars, top universities, Fortune 500 organizations, and big-time entrepreneurs like Peter Diamandis, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk.


Join Jim Kwik’s 10 Powerful Hacks To Unlock Your Superbrain So You Can Learn Faster, Retain More, and Forget Less to completely transform the way you think, learn, and live. Within this masterclass, you will learn the following (and so much more).

► How our brain actually learns, and why our current model of education is complete bogus.
► 10 powerful, yet simple brain hacks that will quickly unlock your inner superbrain.
► The big lie we were all told about our brains (and how powerful they really are).
► How to eliminate 2 subtle, yet extremely detrimental, words that greatly impair all areas of our life.
► A fantastic memorization technique that you can use in virtually any situation.


Mindvalley University is developing an online university for all ages focused on transformational education. We organize real-world curated events and produce programs in every area of transformation including mind, body, and performance.


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When adding a turbo to a car, several upgrades need to be made. Upgrading a fuel pump is high on that list. Some pumps are direct install, but this pump required modification to the housing. So this is the HACK fuel pump upgrade I didn’t want to make.

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TWICE(트와이스) “Heart Shaker” M/V

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This is Episode 48 with Evan Brand On Hack Your Stress, Calm Your Nervous System & Take Charge Of Your Life.

It seems like every week, there’s a new study released finding yet another way that stress is harming us. Whether it’s emotional, environmental, nutritional or physical, we all know that stress can have a destructive impact on our mind, body and soul (not to mention our immune system, relationships, creativity… the list goes on!) It’s easy to feel powerless when it comes to stress — I mean, it’s an unavoidable part of modern life, yeah? And we all just have to put up with it slowly poisoning us… right? Not according to today’s podcast guest, Evan Brand, who is here to teach us how to rewrite our stress response, calm our nervous system and take charge of our life.

Evan is a board-certified holistic nutritionist, certified functional medicine practitioner and nutritional therapist… so you can bet your sweet tushie he knows his stuff when it comes to all things health! With his focus on addressing the underlying causes that lead to disease and depression, Evan has transformed the lives of thousands of people and helped them reclaim their energy, vitality and their life.

If you want to rewire your brain, increase your energy, and master stress once and for all, this episode is for you.

In this episode we chat about:
• His journey to becoming a functional medical practitioner (01:10)
• The long term effects of stress (01:37)
• How stress eats your brain, muscle tissue and causes leaky gut (02:12)
• Why you want to take ALL your notifications off your phone and computer (03:20)
• The 4 different types of stress and why you need to understand them (03:57)
• How the food you eat can ramp up your stress response (04:04)
• Why you need to get rid of plastic in your home (04:35)
• What nobody tells you about Crossfit and stress (04:30)
• His top tips for adrenal support (04:00)
• How to avoid energy vampires (05:00)
• The power of EFT (05:33)
• How stress affects your mood, mind and mojo (07:41)
• The link between stress and your gut (08:23)
• No-brainer tactics to eliminate stress (10:00)
• How to rewire your brain (10:02)
• The most advanced bio-hacks for stress reduction (11:42)
• Psychedelics for stress busting (12:14)
• Plus so much more!

P.S. You should always consult a health practitioner before starting any new health practice.

For full show notes, episode resources and quick links to the above timestamps, head to
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After you’ve done that, come along with me as I once again explore deep into the most inventive corners of instagram. That’s right, more life hacks, baby! What constitutes something being a life hack? Simple:
1. It involves hot glue
2. That’s pretty much it

This episode features some of the most creative re-purposings of simple, every day objects I’ve ever seen- and this is coming from someone who’s seen the MacGruber movie one and a half times. Please enjoy.

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So the beginner skills workshop went well. The plan was to meet a bunch of beginners at the trailhead, have them ride some little obstacles, and give them advice on how to improve. These rows of logs were already in place as a sort of practice course.

The smaller logs were easy for most people. The bigger ones were more of a challenge.

Like you would expect, most people rode into the logs and held on for dear life, letting their suspension take the impact. That was sort of the topic of the workshop—that is getting out of that habit. To ride big bumps smoothly, you need to stand up and shift your weight around.

The first thing to hit an obstacle is your front wheel, so it’s going to take the brunt of the impact. To soften the blow, you should get as much of your body weight off the front wheel as possible.

To get your front wheel up bring your chest to your handlebars and pop upwards. This should be timed so that you cooperate with your suspension, just like the motion of hopping around on a pogo stick, or jumping off a diving board.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of this part, you’ll still have your rear wheel slamming into things. So, you’ll need to lurch forwards to get the weight off of it.

This needs to be timed just right, but all it takes is practice.

The thing is most people don’t practice. They go out on the trails, ride over stuff sloppily, and keep moving. The key to getting better is to go back and clean things. To clean something is to ride over it smoothly and confidently, without putting a foot down or losing your balance.

Here’s a real mountain bike trail, and here’s a real mountain biker. He won’t go home without cleaning this rocky transfer.

Whether you’re riding rocks on the side of a mountain, or riding logs in a parking lot, you’re a badass if you keep trying.

Out on the trail you’ll be hitting obstacles one after the other, so I challenged the participants to ride both of these in a row. To set up for a feature it takes a few seconds, but sometimes you don’t have a few seconds. Exercises like these teach you how to set up quickly for consecutive obstacles.

It was great to see so many people make so much progress. They all had the bruises to prove it too.

As for Lisa, she was still getting comfortable with the idea of standing on a bike. Many of us take this for granted, having ridden bikes for most of our lives. You stand up to climb a hill, or just because your butt is sore. Lisa’s cycling experience consisted of riding her hybrid around the neighborhood, so standing was a new and scary concept. At the beginners workshop she finally got the hang of it, but never ventured on to the bigger logs. It would be a few weeks before I met with Lisa again, since the holidays were approaching.

During that time, she was making trips to Jonathan Dickinson Park by herself. Despite there being many closer parks, she kept making the 1.5 hour drive at every opportunity she had. Lisa found her favorite trail, and she was addicted. Having ridden JD before I can see why. It’s flowy, and easy to go fast on. It’s not technical or challenging, but it makes you happy to be on a bike. It may have been just what she needed.

Last weekend I met Lisa at Oleta River State park to practice.

This little patch of roots is situated between two trees. Immediately after the trees are more roots, and a wooden ramp. For some reason, it was sketching Lisa out. We kept trying it over, and over, and over. Lisa kept putting on the brakes before the ramp. Then I noticed she wasn’t the only one getting sketched out.

To be fair he didn’t sign up for mountain bike boot camp that day, but why give up after coming so close?

Lisa had defeated the sketchy tree ramp, and consequently the blurry quitter. She made quick work of the rest of the trail. In overcoming her fear, Lisa had made a breakthrough.

During this series I’ve been holding my handlebars with one hand and filming Lisa with the other. Today marks the last time I can do that. Just the other month, Lisa wouldn’t go down this mound. She didn’t even want to walk down it. It’ll be satisfying to see her make quick work of this trail the next time we’re at Virginia Key.

Next time, we’re going to take a short break from riding and talk about maintenance, cleaning, and basic mountain bike troubleshooting.

STOP Hyping the employees to become entrepreneurs! Just give them more vacation days!

Public Speaker Veni Flores in the Philippines talks about how to gradually help employees to start doing entrepreneurial activities without them feeling it.
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