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mod squad episode kristie
mod squad episode kristie

There is Episode Hack and mod squad episode kristie.

* Like a sir…. Man √∂ffne mir die Beschreibung! *

AlterWoW Homepage:

vmaps: oder
maps: oder
WoW 1.12.1: c— Deutsche Version!

Passwort zum WoW 1.12.1 Entpacken:

Englisches Tutorial:
1. Extract the repack to your C:/ drive
2. Place ad.exe file into your WoW 1.12.1 directory
3. Run ad.exe and wait for them to finish
4. Once they are finished copy the ‘maps’ and ‘vmaps’ folders to the MaNGOS directory in the repack.
5. Go back to your WoW directory and open
6. Delete all the text in the file and replace it with: ‘set realmlist’
7. Go into your _Server folder and open MySQL.bat
8. Then go into your MaNGOS folder and open realmd.exe and mangosd.exe
9. Open your wow client and log in with the details:


There are 3 other accounts that you can also use to test out what commands work for each GM level:

Player account – Login: player Pass: player
Game Master account – Login: gamemaster Pass: gamemaster
Moderator account – Login: moderator Pass: moderator

10. Make a character and have fun!

Note: The default starting level is not 60 for all players only for GM’s in case people are getting confused. so if you are using a GM account you will start at level 60. This can be changed in mangosd.conf in the GM.StartLevel entry.

Ich Hoffe das Tutorial hat euch Gefallen !
i Hope you Enjoy The Tutorial !!