Month: February 2019

Unforgettable Love Jemi Story Episode 1

episode choose your story tall girlfriend
episode choose your story tall girlfriend

Unforgettable Love Jemi Story Episode 1


Episode 1

Demi’s POV
Shit! Why the heck my friends do that? I’m sure you’re going to ask “What?”. Well you know I’m getting married after 4 months and today I had to go and choose the invitations but unfortunately nobody of my friends wanted to come with me and my future husband, Nick, is at work right now and that’s why I’m all alone with so many bags in my hands. Well actually the place where I was supposed to go is near the Mall and as a normal girl I decided to go in and just look around but ended up buying so many things.
And now I am waiting for the stupid bus to finally come. God, I’ve been waiting for more than half an hour and I’m getting impatient.
Finally I see the bus turning right. It stopped in front me and I got on. I looked for a free seat because I was really tired from the shopping. I sat down on a seat for two and sighed. It was already 2 pm and I was still out.
I hate it when there is traffic and unfortunately that’s every single day!!! And then I heard a voice saying: “Is that seat free?”. I turned my head and in front of me was standing a tall guy with hazel eyes and a hat over his head. I gulped and nodded. He sat next to me and looked out the window. My eyes couldn’t get off him.
And finally after another half an hour I had to get off the bus. I looked at the person next to me and he was still looking out the window. I sighed and stood up with all the bags in my hands. I went to the bus door but of course I had to glance back at him for the last time. To my surprise he was looking at me. I looked in his eyes and the only thing that I could see was sadness. The doors opened and I got off the bus.
Maybe you’re thinking: “What the hell? She is going to get married and now she is looking at that guy!” But the problem is that I don’t meet that person for the first time in my life. Yes, it’s the first time but… just from a really long time ago. Did I get your attention? Alright, alright, I’m going to tell you my story now.
Everything happened 3 years ago. I was just a young seventeen-years-old high school girl who didn’t know anything about the life or its meaning. I had just moved to L.A with my parents. I met that person on my first school day at high school. I was again the new girl and was afraid because I thought nobody would like me. And so I met my class and the teachers in our classroom. Finally they let us go and when I walked out of the room, my eyes stopped at a guy with blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was wearing white pants and had a white shirt on which wasn’t fully buttoned up and white sneakers. The guy was sitting under the window in front of our door. At the moment when I saw him my heart started beating fast and I thought that it was going to pop-out of my chest. Until that moment I had never felt something like this and I was afraid.


There is the Episode Hack and episode choose your story tall girlfriend.

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