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Prosecutie Episode 6 | 💎All Gem Choices💎 | Episode – Choose Your Story

episode choose your story vs choices
episode choose your story vs choices

There are the Episode Cheats and episode choose your story vs choices.

I've Been FRAMED! | Riverdale | Episode 2 | What's Your Story? (Diamond Choices)

Welcome Back Everyone! 🙌

It’s time for Episode 2 of #Riverdale on the #WhatsYourStory? app with voice-over by me #Markles💖

We begin this episode right outside of the FIRE at Pop’s Diner!!
One minute we’re sitting in the booth with the cute guy Taylor while being irritated by Cheryl Blossom and the next the entire place is up in flames! And now the worst part I am being blamed! 😲

🌟🌟Next to come back to the channel will be Charmed! Season 2!
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– Join Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica and enter the world of Riverdale High.

It may seem like any other school…Until you find yourself in the middle of a scandal that’ll change your life forever!


Don’t just watch it – Live It!

If you’ve ever wanted to be in your favorite TV show or movie,
then What’s Your Story is for YOU! Every choice you make takes
the story in a new direction.

Make your choices from the beginning:

– Choose your path: Encounter Special Choices to discover who
you are. One choice can change everything!

– Choose who you are: Be yourself and create your avatar for
every story! Unlock new outfits and accessories as you go.

– Choose who you love: Express yourself and who you love in
What’s Your Story!


How to add gem choices to your Episode stories!


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The Struggles Within
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Triple Threat (LIMELIGHT)
Triple Threat (INK)
My Grandma Then Lost Her Damn Mind Once Again (INK)
My Grandma Then Lost Her Damn Mind Once Again (LIMELIGHT)
Daddy’s Little Girl is not to be Messed With
Hide and Seek
My Amazing Beast Wolf

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The Phoenix Prophecy
The Ember Effect
The Secret of Rain
The Last Goodbye
Glitch Girl

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LOVE LIFE EPISODE 3 (💎Gem Choices) – Episode Choose Your Story – PD Episode


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It Starts With A Bra (Episode 6) Gem Choices 💎Episode Choose Your Story

On a dare, your sexy neighbor takes your bra and you go on the war path to get it back! Who will snap first?

Let’s play It Starts With A Bra – Choose your story gameplay Episode 6/ Chapter 6/ Part 6


On a dare, your sexy neighbor takes your bra and you go on the war path to get it back! Who will snap first?


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Envy 2 – Episode! Today we are reading Envy Episode 16 & 17 THE FINALE! A story about the most popular cheerleader, straight A student aka little miss perfect! Can we find out who our stalker is and also find high school love along the way!?
Episode Choose Your Story is an interactive free app game where we make our own choices!

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