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episode hack didn’t work






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Submit Your Friend/Enemy To Be Trolled By Me

What’s up guys! LT.LICKME here! Today I proudly present the return of Anonymous hacker trolling. This time featuring The Watcher. Really hope you guys enjoy this one, I put alot of work into this.

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Really Slow Motion – Wasp Queen

Position Music The Lost (Nick Road)

Garry Schyman – The Secret (Position Music)

Franco Miquio – I Consumed Him And He Won’t Come Back

Atrium Carceri – Childhood II

Nick Road – Paralyzed (Position Music)
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Audiomachine- Death By Clocks

Position Music – Challenger I

Vlado Hudec – Nuclear Dawn

Mark Nolan – Revenant (Position Music)
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Mark Nolan – Ruination Undone (Position Music)
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Rok Nardin – Black Sky

Adam Peters – Dream Part 2 (Position Music)
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Mark Nolan – A Fortified Man (Position Music)
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2WEI – Chainsaw Symphony (Position Music)

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Roya – Invocation (Position Music)

Twelve Titans Music – Ten Thousand Times Before

Teenage Dirtbag Cover

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There is Episode Hack and episode hack didn’t work.

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WE MADE A SPIRAL CANDY MACHINE FROM CARDBOARD! It’s impossible to stop playing with it and so Slime Sam and I don’t stop😂 This amazing DIY project is so easy and relaxing you’ll regret you didn’t make it sooner. In this episode, we’ll give you the detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to build a cardboard machine that’s simple and fun.

BONUS: watch the video to find out how to draw a circle without a compass. This useful life hack will be a lifesaver at school!

For this craft you will need:

– lots of cardboard;

– hot glue;

– a compass;

– a pen (or a marker);

– a piece of thread;

– candies or marbles;

– a battery powered mechanism;

– a bamboo skewer;

– a paper knife or any other sharp cutter.

This machine is a lot of fun for kids of all ages. You will enjoy it if you are a student in preschool, elementary school, primary school, middle school, boarding school or even high school!

This homemade craft (as any other cardboard handicraft for that matter) requires patience, attention to details and ability to sit still for a little while:) Don’t worry if you don’t have these qualities (rare kids do), just make it in parts, step by step. You don’t have to do the whole thing in one sitting! But when you complete it you will be so proud of yourself and you will also be rewarded with endless hours of playing with this cool and very smart toy. Next time you are wondering what to do when bored just watch this video with a funny talking slime and follow his easy instructions.

This could also become a great gift idea! I’m sure you have lots of friends in need of a cool and useful toy such as a giant stress reliever:D

DIY gifts are always treasured the most. Nowadays all children have everything they can think of and there’s no problem to order the toys and things you like over the Internet. But DIY presents show that you care enough to not just buy something off the shelf at the store but can take your time and put some serious effort into making something yourself! The joy of giving and receiving such a gift is priceless! And it’s economical too if you don’t want to break your piggy bank or can’t afford an expensive gift and just don’t want to give something cheap.

Do you remember what other cardboard crafts we have made?

Chech out these links if you missed them!

– a cardboard candy machine

– a creative labyrinth for a rat

– a flipbook animation machine

– a tabletop basketball game

Do you know other creative cardboard craft ideas? Please let us know! Sam and I are really into cardboard DIY these days and our ideas are running low:D If your idea is easy to make we might make a video with it!

Remember to always ask adults for help when working with sharp objects like knives or hot glue! Safety’s first;)

Slick Slime Sam channel is dedicated to kids and children’s entertainment. We make a variety of videos that will be interesting and useful for kids of all ages! We have crafts for boys and crafts for girls, universal crafts that will be interesting for both. We have genuine unboxing videos where I open cute adorable toys like Hatchimals, LOL Surprise dolls, and Squishy dolls, we show a lot of funny and useful life hacks for kids and their parents, back to school ideas and DIY school crafts. Both Slime Sam and I can draw and paint well and we share a lot of fascinating drawing hacks and painting ideas, we sew things and make toys, we do science experiments for kids and trying out viral tips and tricks, we show you how to cook amazing meals and snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner and give you detailed cooking instructions and recipes. Seriously, whatever you like to watch on Youtube I bet we have it:) And if we don’t, please, please, let us know! We love hearing from you, guys, reading your comments and seeing how your crafts turned out. But most of all we like to welcome your ideas and show you more cool things!

All of our videos are family friendly and suitable for everybody – from 5-year old to their grandmother:)

PREVIOUS EPISODE: EXPERIMENT: Hatching Eggs from a Grocery Store (Part II)

10 Awesome School Life Hacks:

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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Title: Cuckoo
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Hey Guys! This is the first video in a new series that I’m going to be starting called 3 Minute Life Hacks! The purpose of these videos will be to put out a brand new Life Hack (not done before on anyone else’s channel on Youtube), in around 3 minutes. If you guys like this, then I’ll be doing these 3 Minute Life Hacks regularly!

This life hack is a really awesome and unique way to remove gum from your hair, and when you see what it is (and see me try it), I think you’ll be so shocked.

I hope you guys like the format I made for the intro and outro – I tried something new :). I hope you guys like it!

My iPad giveaway is still going strong, and the winner will be announced on October 21st on Livestream. Remember that to enter, all you have to do is to subscribe to my channel, and leave a comment down below with an idea for a future video that I can make.

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Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D #2. |

I know how much you guys love Dr. Gregory House, so I decided to dig through the comments sections and find out which episode you wanted me to watch. The episode “three stories” kept popping up with a lot of upvotes. I didn’t get any background behind the story of the episode and I just sat down and watched it.

Now I didn’t know it was going to be such a complicated episode to review as it bounced back and forth between three situations. So to simplify we decided to completely remove one of the three patient simulations as we felt it didn’t add much to the story and just made it. more complicated for you to follow.

I wish I knew this was the episode that went on to explain what is wrong with House’s leg because then maybe I would’ve saved it for a later review. But I guess its good for me to know for further episodes anyway.

I will say this about Dr. House. I think he is a kind guy that comes off brash almost on purpose to be a better doctor. You can totally sense throughout the episodes that I’ve watched that he is still angry for his decision made in this episode.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches House MD / Real Doctor Reacts to House MD . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you’d like for me to review next. Love you all!

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Dr. Mikhail Varshavski D.O. ( dr mike )

CS:GO Legit Hacking – Road to Global Elite (Episode 19)

★ MUSIC USED – diveliner – i feel like britney

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These awesome kitchen tricks will help you to speed up your cooking routine for sure!

If you wanna make beautiful decoration with an icing sugar. Don’t waste your time and keep your hands clean. Just take a table napkin and sprinkle powdered sugar right through it.

I don’t know about you guys but for me breakfast is everything! Not only I try to make my breakfasts nutricious and yummy but I also try to make them look good. Because stylish and fun breakfast sets great mood for the working day. So here’s the hack.

I guess everybody has some eggs and sausages in the fridge pretty much all the time. You’ll need 4 and a half sausages. First of all, cut every sausage in halves. Then cut every half in half again. And join two parts together with a toothpick. Now put these sausages in the form of a star on the frying pan and break three eggs inside of the star. When your starry eggs are ready take out the toothpicks and add some tomatoes and greens to your liking!

Great way to debone cherries especially if you will feed them to an infant is following. Take a glass bottle with a narrow neck, put a cherry on top one by one and then press on it with a wooden stick. Chopsticks will work just as good.

Simply genius and incredibly easy way to peel off kiwis – cut a kiwi in half, take a mixer whisk, insert it right in the kiwi and turn around. You’ll get 4 neat slices without any traces of kiwi peel, which is notorious for the tongue irritation.

Here’s how to cut a pomegranate in the best way possible. Cut out an upper part of the pomegranate’s skin in a circle or a pentagon. Take it out and then you’ll see the lines where you need to cut in order to take off the seeds properly.

Here’s an awesome way to roast an onion. Cut it with an apple cutter, soak in an egg wash, strew it with breadcrumbs profusely, and put in the boiling oil. Voila! Your onion lotus is ready! It’s great to eat with ketchup by the by!


4:09 Edward Scissorhands
4:19 Awesome canape ideas
8:27 Breakfast for a star

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Check out these quick life hacks to make your house sparkle in no time at all! Make natural DIY cleaning solutions to clean every single room in your apartment.

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Follow me on my adventure to create a high level, pvm focused ironman from scratch on Oldschool Runescape. In this episode the rebuild begins with some base gear being obtained and a little bit of money making. This series is based on my accounts being hacked a few weeks ago. While the hacker didn’t drop anything of value it gave me motivation to simulate what would happen if he did.

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7 Ingenious Tricks and Life Hacks for Your Smartphone. They will help you overcome some everyday problems and make your life much easier. And don’t miss a cool bonus tip at the end!

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School of Dragons Hack is by far best tool that I personally use every second day. If you’re asking why is it so strong, because it gets you school of dragons free gems in just few minutes of time.
I found it about five months ago and before publishing this tutorial I have tested it million times to prove that it’s safe for use. I’m not worried anymore will it work because I know it will. We all have same problem when playing this game and that is lack of gems. It makes me angry every time.
I would be lying if I said that I didn’t tried to use some alternatives like mod or apk to make it easier. I wasn’t lucky then, nothing worked for me and I was depressed. Finally after weeks of looking I saw what I needed all this time.
It was amazing when I used school of dragons hack and it worked unlike the every other that isn’t updated in 2018. I was sending proof to all my friends because they thought it was a joke.

After few times of using it, I was paranoid will I ran into problems or anything like that. Weeks passed by and I was almost 100% sure that this hack tool is safe as it can be. It can literally change your balance up to 995k so easy ! Belive me, I have tried to use working school of dragon cheats long time ago but I didn’t had any success with it.
I can’t complain honestly cause it changed my gameplay on better a lot. If I didn’t use school of dragons hack I would probably stopped playing long time ago. The trick here is to get best dragons you can possibly have if you want to be successful in it.
What I also now do good is leveling up because with unlimited gems you can do it easily.

It’s strange how many of you don’t know how to hack school of dragons anymore. I was pleasantly surprised when I read that every other player is using this tool to make them stronger than casual player. Why I suggest everyone to start with school of dragons hack is just to be fair to everyone. My main goal is to take care of your problems because I was in same situation.
It’s humble enough from me to do such thing as you would do for your friends. I don’t want someone to not be familiar in school of dragons hack especially in 2018. Take action and follow steps I done if you want same results.

Thank you for watching !

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