Let's Trip! Episode 1 – Wreckfest – An Interactive Story

episode choose your story download for mac
episode choose your story download for mac

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Walkthrough of the interactive story game based on the hit movie, Wreckfest! If you already have the app and link, skip through the download tutorial – 8:00

Episode 1 – Crash / Dogface Daphne

In this episode, Tori and Vicki are driving to their 5 year high school reunion with the same horrible attitude they had when they graduated. On the way, the wrecking madness begins! Will Daphne really strangle Tori? How reckless will they be? Find out!

Game from Trippy Tran Films using the Episode Interactive app. Choose-your-own adventure story game based on the short film Wreckfest – The Director’s Cut coming soon to the Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015.

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