The Kidnapping Episode 2 Choose Your Story

episode choose your story kidnapped
episode choose your story kidnapped

Take a look at the Episode Choose Your Story Hack and episode choose your story kidnapped.

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After waking up from a 6 month a coma I can only remember one thing – my name. I don’t remember the accident, I don’t remember my friends and I don’t remember the two strangers who say they’re my parents. What I do know – is that they seem to be hiding something from me… Will I be able to get my memory back and figure out what is going on?! Subscribe to find out! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œClick SHOW MORE! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ
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Episode - Emerald Part 10|Charles kidnapped us!!!!????

In the midst struggle between realms… Will Emerald find love, heartbreak, peace, war, truth or lies?

Credits: Me (recording), Episode: Choose your story app and Author – Stephanie Patrick.
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Playing Episode | Porcelain | CREEPY Ep. 1

This story is really creepy imagine being in this Situation

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Today we are reading the next episode of “Positively Princess” on the Episode app!

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Episode lets you LIVE your stories. One choice YOU make can change everything! The worldโ€™s largest home of visual stories where YOU choose your path. Or, become a creator and write your own!
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Avaโ€™s been kidnapped and abused for 5 years.
Will her life come better after she meets mafia leader Jason


No copy right this story belongs to the author. The story is not mine !
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Author: Emma and Jenny
Follow the author on Instagram: @emmav_episode

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The stories I read on my channel are with the permission from the author to be posted on YouTube,(all rights belong to the author).
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Moments Choose Your Story Bad Boy – Chapter 13 Gameplay..

Norah and the gang are preparing for the party…. upon arrival things turn haywire and Norah getโ€™s kidnapped.
Who would come to save her! And who is her kidnapper? OMG this happened too fast!

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โ€œMoments: Choose Your Storyโ€ is a highly interactive game. You will be part of romantic novels and youโ€™ll be able to make choices to create your own stories. No one knows the ending. The story is created by you, and only belongs to you.

In this game you will follow your heart, and discover who you truly are.
In these stories, you will meet and get to know many characters. They will be your best friends, family members and even your loved ones.

When love suddenly comes, will you hold it bravely? When friendship fails, will you redeem it? When you find yourself immersed in a web of intrigue, will you solve the final mystery?

Join Moments now, and choose the story yourself!


– Play a role & Start your own story
– Meet with characters in popular novels & Enjoy different sceneries
– Collect wonderful moments & Share them with your friends
– Dress up yourself for a date, a party or a wedding
– Find your love & Enjoy the romantic moment
– Figure out how to solve problems & Reach good endings


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Friends And I Were ALL KIDNAPPED!!! – Pitch Perfect: Deep Treble! (Episode Choose Your Story)
Do I have what it takes to be a Bella? Well, in this series I’ll be auditioning, singing in a riff-off, trying to navigate love with two Trebles all while hiding the fact that I want to pursue music, instead of going to med-school, from my parents. Can I handle it?!
In Today’s Episode: The Bellas are kidnapped and taken to PRISON?! Is this part of Gales crazy challenges?! Or are we in serious trouble?! Subscribe to find out!
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