THE TRANSFORMATION [ EPISODE 26 ] Episode Choose Your Story

episode choose your story classic
episode choose your story classic

THE TRANSFORMATION [ EPISODE 26 ] Episode Choose Your Story

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There is Episode Hack and episode choose your story classic.

Go check this story out! It’s by two amazing authors called @ms.ahblingada and @solarnebula23!

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Story name: Battle Scars

Author: Queen Kaylee

Genre: Romance/Drama

Style: Classic

Story Description: Aria & Noah are in love. But when Noah puts his life at risk, relationships might fall apart and Promises may be broken.

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4720681063809024

Instagram: ​@kayleeepisode

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After some trouble with the law, Liv is shipped off to live with here absentee father for a do-over. But will meeting golden boy Hayden unravel everything she tries so hard to hide?

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