Resident Evil :Revelations (PC) (Episode 3 with cheats)

episode cheat doesn't work anymore
episode cheat doesn’t work anymore

Resident Evil :Revelations (PC) (Episode 3 with cheats)

Played by BoricuaRetroGamer/Kasumi77

Welcome back to Resident Evil: Revelations (PC) Wa;lkthrough with cheats!
I’m sorry guys. I feel so frustrated to go around in circles to find the emergency control room, but it doesn’t matter anyway.
That’s why I strongly recommend to get a strategy guide in order to play games like this. Practice is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TO GET A (ALMOST) PERFECT GAMING WALKTHROUGH.

Hope you enjoy it!
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There is Episode Hack and episode cheat doesn’t work anymore.

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Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Girlfriend SETS UP Boyfriend to see if he will CHEAT!!!

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Its is work for all devices ,, IOS i dont really know ,, but IOS user can trying ;’)

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Thanks for watching!
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