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episode choose your story vampire diaries
episode choose your story vampire diaries

Emily has an abusive uncle. What happens when a gang leader rescues her. Will she live happily or not?

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To sum up the season 3 finale of the Vampire Diaries the only reaction I can really come up with is — “wait, what just happened?” The final episode titled “The Departed” served up more shockers that we could have ever bargained for. So let’s just kick if off with what has everyone picking their jaws up off the floor — Elena is apparently a vampire now. Or so we think. In the last episode, she suffered from an injury and when Jeremy took her to the hospital, Dr. Fell didn’t want to scare him, so she didn’t reveal that she had to quote “HELP” her. And you know where this is going — unknown to Elena and the others, Dr. Fell gave her vampire blood to help her in the healing process. Later in the episode, Elena and Matt get into an accident and fall into the river and unfortunately Stefan can’t help her before she dies. That said, she dies but hello, in a totally unplanned twist, she comes back to life. HOLY COW. It was a very Bella Swan moment, but much less glamorous. I still refuse to believe this is actually true — Bonnie has taken a total turn and is definitely doing her own thing when it comes to her witchy powers, so maybe she was able to protect Elena somehow. Another thing that she apparently helped out with was freeing Klaus’ spirit and letting him inhabit Tyler. So when we saw Alaric kill Klaus in this finale episode, Klaus was actually safe –which is probably why no one else died. Except Alaric. When Elena’s human life ended (or so we think it ended), Alaric died too. Elena did finally make a choice between the two brothers — choosing Stefan. Well, she sort of chose Stefan — she didn’t really seem like her whole heart was in it. And thanks to all of the flash back scenes in this episode, we got some really useful info that will definitely keep the love story going for Damon and Elena. We learned that Damon actually met Elena first, before Stefan, but he compelled her to forget about him. Even then, when he first met her, he only wanted to her to be happy. But now that she’s made her choice, will Damon really leave town? Or will he come back to see how vampire Elena is fairing? And what will this mean for Katherine? Two doppelganger vampires? And what’s going to happen with Tyler now that he’s actually Klaus — will Klaus-Tyler be able to continue dating Caroline? I know guys — if you’re like me — and I’m guessing you are — you have a million questions and are already dying5/11/ for season 4! Give us your thoughts in the comments section and make sure to stick with us all the time for more TVD scoop leading up to the show’s return. I’m Joslyn Davis and we’ll see you next time!

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Forced Vampire | Episode 8

Forced Vampire – Choose your story gameplay | Episode 8

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