THE OLD ASH KETCHUM! Pokemon XG: Next Gen ROM HACK Let’s Play w/ Sacred – Episode 3

body hack episode 3
body hack episode 3

Welcome to the Orre Region! This is Pokemon XG Next Gen, a ROM HACK of Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness! I’ve been waiting to LP this game and when I found out there was a rom hack for it I COULDN’T RESIST to take the chance! If you want to play along, the download link is below! If you guys are HYPED and ENJOY the series, definitely be sure to BODY that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more! :]

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Take a look at the Episode Choose Your Story Cheats and body hack episode 3.

Escaping HACKER MANSION! Last Chance (Skit)

Escaping Hacker Mansion! Last Chance. Disclaimer: This video is a skit. All events are staged and there is adult supervision at all times.
It is our last chance to try to escape Hacker Mansion or else the Hacker will hack our channel and we will be stuck in the mansion forever!

We are stuck in the Hacker’s Mansion with That Youtub3 Family. Watch their video to see the clues that they solve –

Jamie (Mom), Steve (Dad), Stephen, Taylor, Payton, Jordyn, Parker and Baby Blake.

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